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Dominik , 03 September 2006
Hey! You visited everything around Switzerland! Why skip the best part? :P

[I know. Switzerland is a bit expensive. And now I feel betrayed by Switzerland for joining Schengen States.]
shaunette Richards , 28 June 2006
Great site great pictures keep it up !
Euclid Herbert , 02 April 2006
Nice personal site, I must say I enjoy reading all the content and viewing the images, nice work. Keep it up.
I must take my son to Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary on our next trip to Barbados.
Pam Shepherd , 28 March 2006
Beautiful pictures of the idyllic Norfolk coast, with some great memories of earlier visits.
The rest are equally professional and praiseworthy. A really lovely site with lots of variety.
hemant , 27 March 2006
damn thts the best site i have seen
it is pretty kool
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