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Ash , 19 October 2005
Looks cool to me. I will look more!! Ash
Benz , 08 August 2005

Your site is wicked Shaunette, really is!

I think I need to start one up!
Nathalie , 16 April 2005
Just found your page through VT but haven't had enough time to read it all. LOL about the remark from the guy named Charlie. We share the same taste in music (Counting Crow, Tracy Chapman et al), except I can't stand Sheryl Crow. Hope Charlie is harmless.
Charlie STASH , 15 April 2005
hey my name is charlie and I saw you at the store yesterday and might I say I liked what I saw. I think you and me should get together some time

forever charlie
P.S. I'm not a stalker I've just been watching you!
shaunette , 15 April 2005
hey it me another shaunette I just wanted to say hello and that it's nice to know that I'm not the only one with that name because it's swell!!!
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