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Terje , 29 December 2004
Spennende og sjarmerende kvinne det må jeg si skulle vært flere av den sorten og i alle fall her i Norge hvor mennesker er svært sterotype.
Kåre , 26 December 2004
Sending a little x-mas greeting from Norway.
Hussein , 21 October 2004
Wonders never cease! You are surely an interesting woman. I am yet to come to grips with the dynamism of a woman as travelled and experienced as you.
What next?
I wish you success in each and every venture you set course on.
John Soper , 21 August 2004
Hello Shaunette. I am Geoffrey Soper's Dad.He passed onto me your site address so I thought I would have a look. I found it very interesting, particularly the pics of the Broads.They brought back a few memories as I went there on a College trip many,many years ago.
Anita Rakoczy , 10 July 2004
Has anyone moved into MY room after I left?...
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