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arlene (trini) , 22 May 2004
hey shaunette
i got this from your dad, great site, i am awaiting your pending articles. should definitely be an interesting read for me. good luck and keep it up.
sammyb , 07 May 2004
Creativity at work
keep it up
I am proud of you
Dipak , 03 May 2004
Good Website, Nice Efforts. I liked the article about Rum. I came to know for first time about dangerous tree! The photographs are good. Liked crative mind of the webmaster!

Only problem during my stay on this website was, its text is wider than my 800x600 Pixels.

Will you please improve this Babb? :-)
Cindy , 28 April 2004
Keep up the good work. I'll check back often for new photos.

Linda , 29 February 2004
Hello dear Shaunette! I am just browsing your new homepage! And hurried writing this, as I wanted to to be first to write in your guestbook! I love the Barbados pix and your interesting articles! Your website will be great! Keep up the good work! I will check in again frequently to see your progress.
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