Pioneer Trail

Cape Cod
This was the first stop of the Trek. Its about a 4 hour drive from New York City. We spent 2 nights here b4 moving on. Cape Cod is a beautiful place and I really enjoyed my stay in Provincetown. The weather was very summerlike despite it being late September.
This was the 2nd stop on tour. We spent 2 nights here as well. The first day we visited the Harvard Uni area. The 2nd day I went to the zoo and the city of Boston. The first night we had a nocturnal visitor at the campsite. We nicknamed him Peppe Le Pew.
Arcadia National Park
Acadia National Park. This is one of the larger and more visited national parks in the US. It has hiking and biking trails and you can go kayaking and on nature boat trips. It also has Mount Cadillac which is the first place on the American continent that gets the sun! We spent 3 nights here.
Quebec City
We spent just one night in Quebec. That night we did a ghost tour of the city. The next day we saw a bit more of the city and left in the afternoon. I didn't take many photographs here.
Montreal! Spent 2 nights here, I think. One of the attractions I visited was the Biodomes. Its like a huge greenhouse for plants and animals. They have 3 different climates there. Most of my photos were taken there.
Ottawa - The capital of Canada. Nice little city. Visited on route to Toronto from Montreal. Lots of gothic buidings one of which is the Canadian Parliament.
Toronto. Canada's largest city and home of the CN Tower. What a fantastic structure! We spent only part of the day here b4 moving on to Niagara. Wanted to see the falls at night.
Niagara Falls
Niagara falls is on the border of the USA and Canada. Most of the falls is on the Canadian side. We visited the falls on the Canada side by night and did a tour on the Maid of the Mist on the US side the next day.
Finger Lakes
Finger Lakes. This was the last stop on the tour. After that it was back to New York city!