Where I've been

I love to travel. However, due to financial constraints, I haven't really been that many places . . . yet. But that is all set to change . . . I hope. This is a map that shows the countries I have visited so far.

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Note this map highlights the whole country and not just the parts of it that I've visited


Being from the caribbean I've seen some islands there. Inter-island travel is not cheap so I haven't seen that many of them.

Jamaica - Was there in the early 90's. Started off in Kingston then travelled to a place called Moneague in the centre of the island. Spent a few days there and explored that area. Saw the cockpit country and Linstead Market. Then we travelled to Ocho Rios. I climbed Dunn's River Falls! Also spent a few days in the Kingston area - visited the Bob Marley Museum and the UWI Mona Campus.

Trinidad - I've lost count of how many times I've been to Trinidad. Probably 6 or 7 times. The first time was probably in 1976 (when I was but a wee lass) and the last time was in 1996ish when I went to see West Indies v India in cricket. T'dad is only a short hop from Barbados. Never been to Tobago though. Was at the airport there once but never even made it off the plane.

Martinique - Ze Paris of ze Caribbean. I went there as part of a school exchange programme. It was probably in 1988 or so. I stayed with a french family in the Fort-de-France (Schoelcher, maybe) area. But we did some tours up to St. Pierre (to see the volcano) and to some beaches down south. Think we also went to La Trinite.

USA and Canada

The mainland. Shopping Mecca for people from the Caribbean. And most have relatives there too.

Canada - I've been to Canada twice. The first time I was 7 years old. My mother, older sister and I embarked on a little tour that took us to the US and Canada. I went back again in 2003. I spent 1 week and visited Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. I did the usual touristy stuff. The photos from that trip are in the photo gallery in the Pioneer Trail album.

USA - I can count about 11 times I've to the US and its mainly been to the Northeastern part of the country. All but one of the trips involved New York City. What states have I visited? Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Massachussets, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine . . . and Washington D.C. Next time I have got to go to the West Coast.


I've been living in Europe since 1998. So I'm in the right position to see the rest of Europe. I'll get around to doing that very soon. As soon as I overcome this visa issue.

Norway - Spent 18 months almost continuously there. I had the chance to travel around quite a bit. I was based in Sandefjord, which is about 150km south of Oslo. I've also visited Bergen and other places on the West Coast as far north as Kristiansund N/Molde. And I've been to Oslo and Lillehammer where the winter olympics were held.

Sweden - The town where I lived in Norway (Sandefjord) has a direct ferry link to Sweden. As a result I've been to Sweden 2 or 3 times. The ferry goes from Sandefjord to Stroemstad about 4 times a day so it was quite easy to pop over for a visit.

France - Easter 2001. Went to France with a group from Uni to do some surveying. It turned out to be a great trip. Good cheap food and wine. Was based in the city of Rennes but visited Mt. St. Michel. Photos are in the photo gallery.

Ireland - This was my birthday trip for 2003. I spent a day in Dublin and saw the usual tourist things. Armed with a guide book, I visited the Guiness Storehouse, did a bus tour of the city and ate in the recommended restaurants. I will go back again one of these days and stay a bit longer so I can see more of Ireland.

Poland - I spent 1 week in Poland in March 2005. The first 5 nights were spent in Zakopane where I learnt to snowboard. The remainder of the time was spent in Krakow. I also managed to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum.

Italy - I spent 4 days in Rome in May 2005. It was only 4 days but I managed to see the main tourist sites and even managed a day at Ostia Antica. Rome is a lovely city and the weather in May was just right - not too hot, not to cold.

Germany - I spent 4 days in Cologne (Koeln) in May 2005. Cologne is one of Germany's largest cities with over 1 million residents. There is a lot to see and do with great architecture, history, shopping and arts and culture.

Spain - I visited Barcelona for 5 days in May 2005. This was a short trip full of things to see and do. I visited quite a few of the main tourist sites and even went on a trip to Girona. I was there when Barcelona FC won La Liga too!

Netherlands - The Netherlands is a great place to visit. I spent a weekend there and even though it was a technical visit, I still managed to see enough of the life there to want to visit it again. The Dutch have got to be the most chilled out people in Europe. Something to do with all the wacky-baccy maybe?


Thailand - This was my birthday trip for 2004 - 2 weeks in Phuket. It was the trip of a lifetime. Scuba Diving, Canoeing in Phang Nga Bay, elephant trekking, good nightlife, friendly people. Everything is cheap - especially food. I would be surprised if I didn't go back there again. And there is still a lot more of Thailand that I haven't seen.